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"Let colour and essential oils help you realize your full potential"


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The Kaleidoscope of Life is a ground-breaking new book on how you can use colour to consciously raise your awareness and have a deeper understanding of yourself and others. This book explains how to use colours to support, influence, and enhance all areas of your life, opening yourself up to a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

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"I Love It"

Meet our Drop Into Life™ Colour and Essential Oils Care System


Drop Into Life™ is a brand new and exciting system.  It uses the transformative power of colour and essential oils to help people achieve their potential.   

Drop into Life™ Courses


Lots to learn about colour, essential oils and subtle energy techniques.  Also great for wellness practitioners to learn how these amazing tools can help them connect with people in loving and supportive ways, and gain a greater depth of understanding.


From Adheesh

Australian Founder & Presidential Diamond at doTERRA Essential Oil  


I love it. This is an awesome system.  If you like colours, oils, Strengths, this brings it all together. It's a wonderful and unique introduce a new conversation with leads, with your team, when you do mentoring.  I can feel [the founders'] heart in it. I was in tears when I got it, that's how I responded.  It is very beautiful.

"Absolutely Awe-inspiring"

I have just unwrapped my Drop into Life Kit and am busy exploring the magic within.

It is absolutely Awe-Inspiring. There are so many levels & layers to it.

Pure, Divinely Inspired, Genius.


Well done to you & your co-creators in Light.

With Love Filled Gratitude & Blessings' Angela

"A Wonderful Tool"

I was so thrilled to be able to run my first ‘drop into life’ class last week. This toolset is an incredible synthesis of easily accessible colour language information and essential oil knowledge, in a simple and easy to use format. It allows for inspiration to flow easily in a class or workshop setting, whilst giving participants some very practical pointers of self reflection and affirmations that they can put into place as they use their essential oils in their daily routine. I’m so grateful to the creators of “drop into life” for sparking so much joy and happiness with this wonderful tool. I can’t wait to share more of this system in increasingly creative ways!
Erin Levee, Artist, yoga and meditation teacher  

An Amazing Gift of Love

Today I had my very first Drop Into Life consultation. What an amazing gift of love has been created through Drop Into Life. The system is so easy to use and to understand and the use of colour along with essential oils and affirmations gives you so much support no matter what your journey.
The information that came through for me during my Drop Into Life consultation could not have been any more accurate if it tried. I love that the system is so grounded and relates to all of us in our everyday LIFE! I can't recommend it enough xo Megan 

Loads of Colour

An amazing month in October teaching our latest Drop Into Life course the “Seasons of Life” in Cairns and Townsville. Beautiful experiences had by all! Tricia Sharkey and Vicki Engeham look forward to sharing this insightful and meaningful in Sydney and Adelaide. Special course to be announced soon for 2020 at a location in North Queensland


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