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Drop into Life™ Colour and Essential oils Class

The Colour & Essential Oil class offers a personal experience of how the Drop into Life system works. 

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This short 1-2 hour class allows you to experience how this system works, the personal insights that the colours offer and which essential oils will most support your wellness and support you to live your potential.

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for more information.

Drop into Life™

Chakra Balance  Massage Course

This life transforming massage is one of the most valuable techniques you can learn.   

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It touches the very soul with loving energy, colour, breath, sound and essential oils. It reaches deep to release all that is no longer needed emotionally and frees you to live your life more joyfully.


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for more information.



A one-day workshop with Vicki Engeham exploring the dying process and helping loved ones to pass. in a loving, supportive way.

The Angels of Light

Angels of Light coverr.jpg

The Angels Of Light - Exploring the Colours of the Drop Into Life System


How, when and which Angels to call in when you are in need of a guiding light.
This is what I have recently been working on and there are 21 in Total - all with different attributes


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This workshop has come about through the desire to help people understand and have a awareness of the dying process’  It is a very personal experience that we will all encounter.

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Drop into Life ™ Colour and Essential Oils Practitioner Training

These practitioner courses offer enhanced understanding of colour and working with the Drop into Life system.

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The Foundation Course - the seed of life course, is suitable for those who wish to pursue Drop Into Life consultations training, enhancing their understanding of colour and its links to essential oils. This is the beginning of building a consultant practice.

Further levels of Practitioner Training are available on completion of the Foundation Course

Fantastic for all wellness practitioners.

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for more information.

Drop into Life ™ Aromascaping Course

Using the Drop into Life Colour and Essential Oils Care  Kit, each participant will leave this 3 hour  course with their own:

  • bespoke aromascaping design for 3 zones of their house. 

  • the 3 recipe blends to create the environment they desire.

Our aromascaping consultants will provide you with easy ways to confidently master the  art of blending.

If you are interested in hosting a training session in your area. please email for further details:

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