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Full of Integrity

I am the proud custodian of a new tool that has my soul vibing like no tomorrow and is incorporated with a passion of mine, which is colour.

When I incorporate some new modality into my life, it takes me time to own it and sit with the energy it has been created with.  It needs to be true, and it needs to feel like integrity....

The ancient Egyptians had a passion for colour vibration and its healing powers and I now have something really beautiful to be offering my clients, and what's great about this (kit) is that you don't need to go to Egypt to be in line with this kind of work, anyone can do it.

Petah-Jane Auckland-Hall

Looking for Essential oils?

DoTerra Emotional Aromatherapy Oils are a wonderful tool for working with the Drop into Life Colour and Essential Oils Care Kit.  These oils will be shipped direct to you from doTerra.

If you would like to purchase oils at the wholesale price of 25% discount or to have the convenience of your own wholesale account so you can order oils whenever you like at 25% discount, without obligation, please click HERE  

(All oils mentioned in the Drop into Life Colour and Essential Oils Care  Kit are available through doTerra)


Please note if you order the DoTerra Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit, shown above, there is a one off charge of $35 to establish your wholesale account.  You save more than this amount  by getting the Kit at the wholesale price. 

The doTerra Emotional Oils and Diffuser Kit shown below automatically entitles you to an ongoing wholesale rate.

emotional roll on kit.png
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