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Colour. Look around you!  It’s everywhere, but do you know what colours represent and how they can affect you and your life? What does it mean when you love a particular colour and dislike another? What unspoken messages are your friends, family and colleagues giving you through their colour choices? Just like body language, you can understand so much about someone when you understand colour.


The Kaleidoscope of Life is a ground-breaking new book on how you can use colour to consciously raise your awareness and have a deeper understanding of yourself and others. This book explains how to use colours to support, influence, and enhance all areas of your life, opening yourself up to a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

NEW BOOK The Kaleidoscope of Life - Understanding your Life through Colour

  • Tricia Sharkey is an International Colour Therapy Teacher and the Australian and New Zealand Teacher Trainer for the Worldwide Heal your Life program. Teaching a variety of courses, colour therapy, massage and energy work, she provides a powerful insight into the world of healing with colour. Delivering deep and meaningful intuition, Tricia draws upon her 21 years of experience working in Australia and internationally. In this book, Tricia supports and guides you on your personal transformational journey back home to your true colours.

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