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Amazing link between Colour and Fragrance

A team of international researchers recently conducted a study on the neurological link between colour and fragrance. They discovered that our brains are hard wired to connect a colour with a fragrance. The authors of the study said that:

"Color plays an important role in recognizing odors. Color influences odor identification, discrimination, intensity, and even pleasantness"

Colour and Fragrance link

This is so exciting. It shows that our brain makes a link between colour and fragrance. We know that fragrance reflects the chemical signature of an essential oil. Science is now validating what we had already observed, namely that there is a link between colour and essential oils.

Our Drop Into Life Colour and Essential Oils Care Kit takes that scientific understanding 1 step further. You'll see from other sections in our website how your colour preference can point to which essential oil might resonate with you in a particular moment in time.

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Peppermint to me is like a flash of brilliant white light, tailoring off to a green. What do you think Harry?

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